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Tentang Harton Tower – Citi Hub

Harton Tower adalah gedung perkantoran dengan lokasi yang strategis serta akses mudah. Gedung ini memiliki luas bangunan sekitar 8.500 meter persegi dan total 14 lantai, serta dilengkapi fasilitas gedung mulai dari 2 lift, kantin, mushala, restoran, bank, ATM dan parkir untuk total sekitar 100 unit kendaraan, keamanan selama 24 jam, system back-up power dan internet berkecepatan tinggi.

Harton Tower berlokasi di jalan Boulevard Artha Gading. Gedung ini berada di daerah kelapa gading berdekatan dengan daerah Sunter, Cempaka Putih, Rawa Mangun, Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok. Sarana transportasi umum mudah didapatkan di area gedung ini mulai dari bus kota , TransJakarta, taksi, LRT, transportasi online, dan stasiun KRL Tanjung Priok. Lokasi Harton Tower berdekatan dengan pusat perbelanjaan mall kelapa gading, sunter mall, hotel, apartmen, dan masih banyak lagi, Jadi memilih Harton Tower untuk mengembangkan bisnis anda adalah langkah yang sangat tepat.

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Car Parking

To provide comfort and security. The management has implemented an integrated parking system so that every tenants’ or guests’ vehicle that goes in and out of the parking will be recorded in the system. The easiness of finding a parking spot in the Harton Tower – Citi Hub building for their tenants and guests is one of our priorities.


Voice Telecommunication in the Harton Tower – Citi Hub building is supplied by Telkom. Telkom uses two types of lines, which are Multipair Cable and FO (Fiber Optic). While for the Internet, Harton Tower – Citi Hub is supplied by Telkom. The Harton Tower – Citi Hub building uses a Cellular Network which has been incorporated in the Multioperator system.

Fire System

For fire detection and handling, the Citi Hub building is using Fire Suppression System which consists of Sprinkler Hydrant / Hose Reels and Portable Fire Extinguishers. The Fire Suppressions are tested periodically and annually being checked to fulfill the requirement of fire handling. Citi Hub staff are trained to respond quickly in case of an emergency.

Power & Lightning

The electrical system for the Harton Tower – Citi Hub building consists of PLN power supply, Emergency Diesel Genset, Electrical Power Distribution, Lighting and Power Installations, which are being checked yearly. PLN Power Supply, capacity that has been applied are 1040 KVA, Emergency Diesel Generator Set.

Building Automation System

The Citi Hub building uses BAS that is used to turn on and off the Air Handling Unit and all the lightings inside the building whether automatically or manually. Aside from that, the BAS is also functions to monitor all building equipment that is running. BAS is located on the Control Room that is being monitored by the Engineering department for 24 hours.


Communication needs to be supported with technology, hence the Harton Tower – Citi Hub building has provided the free Hotspot facility. All Harton Tower – Citi Hub’s tenants who wish to use this facility can contact Harton Tower – Citi Hub’s office that is located on Basement, because the use of this Hotspot facility requires a user name and password.

Air Conditioning

The Air Conditioning system in the Citi Hub building uses Chilled Water Circulation for offices and Ventilation system for the basement area. These systems are being centralized by using BAS in order to maximize energy and increase efficiency for operations. This system allows AC management to every floor.


Harton Tower – Citi Hub’s CCTV is able to store and record all incidents between 7 to 14 days according to the condition of the viewed object. Also needed to know is that the building’s CCTV is active for 24/7 and being viewed by Harton Tower – Citi Hub’s Security team for 24/7 as well. If tenants or guests need to review the CCTV to see a past event or to request the recording of an incident.

Under Vehicle Inspection

In order to increase the security service in the Harton Tower Citi Hub building, Harton Tower – Citi Hub is using a convex mirrorto inspect all vehicles that go into the building from SCBD entrance. An under-vehicle inspection is used to detect threats—such as bombs—that are hidden underneath vehicles.

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